Replacement Parts For Mobility Scooters

Looking for replacement parts for your mobility scooter?scooter-parts

There are many parts for your scooter that my need to be replaced over time.  Whether it be failure of a part or because it is just worn down over time, it will likely happen.  If you bought your scooter online, odds are that you are looking to buy replacement parts online.  Because there are so many scooters out there all with many parts, it can be hard to track down exactly what you.   Need new batteries? Need a replacement seat?  Need an extra key?  Just let me know.

I can help you.  Just post a comment below and let me know the following information (provide as much information as you can):

  • Type of scooter (make and model)
  • Your scooter’s serial number (usually located on a sticker on the seat post)
  • What part do you need?
  • Do you know the part number?

Be sure the email address you provide is valid if you want a response via email.   I will try my best to give you the price for the replacement part as well as where you can purchase the part.


14 comments so far

  1. mike Vesh on

    Need a controller box for my Sunl mobility scooter.
    The serial is E-26-0193.

  2. newmobilityscooter on

    Hi Mike,

    I must admit, I’m not familiar with that brand. Do you remember where you purchased your scooter? I’ve done a little research and this information may help….

    SunL Group Inc.
    Serving North and South America
    8551 Esters Boulevard, Irving,
    Texas 75063
    Tel. 972-243-4555
    Fax. 214-524-6471

    Here is their Website –

  3. Fred on

    Looking for a repair / parts manual for a Street Cruiser 3-wheeled mobility scooter. There’s no serial number or manufacturer sticker. The only information is the model name embroddered on the carpet. The batteries went dead, we installed new ones and the scooter turns on, but doesn’t move.

    • newmobilityscooter on

      Hi Fred, and thanks for your quesiton.

      First off, be sure you have purchased the correct batteries and also charge them for a few hours before trying to start your scooter again.

      I’ve done a bit of research and am not having too much luck finding a 3 wheel cruiser mobility scooter. However, I have found a 4 wheel model that may be similar to yours. Here is a link –

      The manufacturer may be DTP, or Direct Transport Products. Here is a link with some company info. Sorry, I can’t find a website for this company. Perhaps they have gone out of business or been purchased by another manufacturer and the name ahs been rebranded. I’ve not tried to contact them, but may be worth a try…..

  4. Bill Phlipot on

    I have a Pride Rally 3 wheel scooter, mod. # SC151, Ser. # S4902203161C10. I am looking for a new or used gearbox for the scooter. Everything else works fine. Would appreciate any help on locating a gear box. If there is a complete used scooter for parts,that may help. Thank-you.

    Bill Phlipot 419-629-2837

  5. Miss K-D Stephens on

    My 3 year old grandson was playing in my back room where I keep my Wispa Scooter and cant tell me where he may have put the key, I only had the one aswell, I have the number from the back: SA60-301SU can you help me find another or will I have to have a new ignition lock?

    Kindly yours

    • newmobilityscooter on

      Hi K-D,

      Where are you located? Are you in the UK? If so, check out this site –

      If you are in the U.S. I believe the Wispa is called the Scootie. I’m not 100% sure that these scooters are exactly the same, but I think they are. Check out this U.S. based company –

      Depending on your location, either of these dealers should be able to get you a new key. Your best bet is to pick up the phone and call them.

  6. Tony Pappalardo on

    Trying to locate a motor/transaxil assembly for a Drive Stingray scooter, SN# W2T3DB000337. Any help would be most appreciated!



  7. Buck Loback on

    Looking for a couple ignition keys for a used scooter that I bought. It is a Ranger Safari Serial # 8-047631T. The key I got is a COLE #CG15 USA. Any help would be apprecitive. Thanks

  8. Johnny Taylor on


    I am looking for a mother board for a Merits S148 Road King.

    PF11 Ver B is printed on the board but a sticker on the board is what I think is the part number. It is HD07070352.

    The scooter is in storage at the moment so I don’t have the serial number for the scooter. If you need that let me know and I will ask a friend to get it for me asap. I also have a very detailed picture of the board I could send you if that would help.

    Thank you very much for any assistance.


  9. Brian on

    * Freerider (Storm, 308) 3wheel
    * Your scooter’s serial number (0139)
    * What part do you need?
    # PM08-0400 BEARING CUP (DOWN)
    # PM08-0500 BEARING CUP (UP)
    # PM08-0900 BEARING
    I believe these #’s are stocking #’s

    Any help would be most appreciated

  10. Larry Adler on

    I am looking for two parts for an old Star or Go-Go Pride Mobilty scooter. Serial# S6036102173C30. I want the old style parts. I want a seat and a seat post. The old seat is flat and is not contured like the newer ones. I also need the old SHORT upper seat post. The old post is 8 3/4 inches tall. The new 11 1/2 inch tall post won’t work.

    Thanks for any help.

  11. Mike Woolls on

    Hi there.

    My daughter has a Wispa scooter, but she has managed to put the battery charger out of order, The details are : order code 5S1100B5200200 ~G4-F2SHU01**6-1.

    Input is 100-240v 50/60 Hz0.7a – output 29.5 v1500mA
    Model SA60-3015U N10751

    Grateful for any help that you can provide to procure a replacement.

    Many thanks

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